About Us
Hearty Heart was founded in October 2017, with the aim of offering young millennials in Myanmar a new, fun and exciting range of cosmetics that they would not otherwise find in more mature adult focused brands. The company’s tagline, “Cute and Fun”, is a theme adopted across the entire brand from product names and product descriptions to its distinctive packaging and creative designs targeted at young adults from the age of 13 to 35. With incredibly affordable products, high-quality, innovative formulas and colorful cute packaging, young women in Myanmar are now empowered with unique beauty products suited to their everyday life. Furthermore, Hearty Heart is manufactured by our partners Cosmax International from Korea, using the highest quality ingredients and dermatologically tested on Asian skin. Therefore, young millennials can now express themselves the way they want, with the safest products available and in the most creative and diverse cosmetics line for their age group.

Concept Behind The Brand
Hearty Heart was created to specifically target young women who wanted to add a fun and exciting twist to their makeup options than what was available to them before. In an increasingly-saturated cosmetics market, Hearty Heart differentiates itself from its competition by designing unique packaging that conveys the brand’s message to the buyer.
Also, as a brand targeting millennials who are passionate about social media, fashion and pop culture, Hearty Heart uses Facebook and Instagram as the main platforms to raise brand awareness and to advertise new products. Hearty Heart also holds competitions through these popular social media networks for their fans to win contests and new products they launch. By using up-and-coming teen stars and popular influences and bloggers to create a buzz online through innovative strategies, Hearty Heart continues to differentiate themselves from competition.